Saturday, August 13, 2011

Halter Dress Apron

A great pattern caught my eye at Goodwill the other day, and it turned out to be a nice little halter dress from H&M. I originally wanted to cut up the fabric for another project, but the dress fit, so I wore it out a few times. After having those strings on the halter dig into my neck one too many times, I said, oh well, and decided to chop it up after all.

Then I thought I could use the back of the dress for fabric, and keep the front of the dress to wear as an apron. 

This is the dress before I did anything. Its a nice graphic print with a halter and ties that go around the back.

This is after I cut out the back of the dress along the seams. I kept the black liner since the fabric is pretty thin. The only tricky part was getting the zipper out with my seam ripper. I cut off the ties that go around the back at this point, so I could move them down about 4 inches lower. This made it more comfortable and wrapped nicely around my waist.

I folded over the edges I had just cut, placed my apron strings where I wanted them, and stitched all the way down both edges. Easy!

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